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Bed Comforters

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White Cotton Duvet

Price: 800 INR/Set

Both Asham duvets and Asham comforters are filled with warm, insulating materials that provide you with superb comfort through the night. It keeps you warmer than just a plain blanket does, as the insulation actually holds the heat in much better, encapsulating the warmth within. Whats great about duvets is they can be tailored to suit what kind of sleeper you are, by just switching the insulation material inside.

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Convertible Comforter

Price: 1800 INR/Piece

All of this does sound like a lot of work compared to an already quilted comforter though, so here are the Top Five Reasons to Use a Duvet Cover : 1. You can quickly and inexpensively change the whole look of your beach bedroom with a new duvet cover. 2. Duvet covers can also be used by themselves as a lightweight bedspread or bed cover. 3. Easy to Clean. 4. Protects your Down Comforter. 5. Easy to Store and Switch.